2010.12.11 19:13

♬~~ Footprints ~~

Extra Form

- 베이싸이드 Bell blvd 에서  Photo by Bluebird -


        ♪~    이  복음성가는  크리스티나 리  의  노래로 들려 드립니다.

  ♪~ ♬~~ Footprints ~~ ♪~

                                                                      Lyrics by : Christina Lee
                                                                      Music by : Christina Lee & Scoot T

 In the dark of night, traveling on an endless road Voices streaming through my mind,

 I'm trying to leave them all behind Dying heart still wants to see, the very promise made to me.

Said you'd walk right next to me wherever I go I refuse to understand why it's just me

that's walking alone without your hand, when I'm struggling to be free from these chains

that have me bound up mercilessly- said you'd be there for me,

 but I don't see Now I'm standing here, still in the witching hour,

and its crystal clear to me I'm walking alone and not with thee When everything was at its peace,
saw your shadow next to mine, now I'm in my lowest times and this lonely heart is none

but mine Lord you said you'd help me see, help me believe that you were coming back for me

but where are you to be seen,

said I needed you with me while I was walking through these deserts,

why have you forsaken me where can you be... Then right before my eyes,

I see the picture of my Lord upon the cross. With thorns upon his brow,

and the nails in his hands that promise Victory, Victory O.. And now I surely see

 why its a single set of footprints in the sand. Thank you for Lifting me, I now can see

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